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Брошь "ГЛАЗ Сальвадор Дали"

На складе: 10
Брошь Глаз. Ручная работа.
2900 ₽

Brooch Eye.

Handmade beaded brooch.


Size 5 cm.

Materials: beads, beads, crystals, rhinestones, accessories.


Russian designer brand Julia Batirova has been creating Handmade Jewelry since 2006.

The brand offers only stylish fashionable trendy brooches that will add zest to your look.

The brooch is made of quality materials.

Stylish and incredibly beautiful accessory for a bag, scarf, coat. Brooch pin - the trend of 2023.

Each brooch pin is packaged in a gift box and is ready to immediately become a wonderful birthday present for girls and women. A beaded brooch will be the finishing touch to any look.


Care instructions: Keep away from direct sunlight, keep away from perfume and moisture, store in a separate box, wipe clean with an optical cloth from dirt. Do not wet. If wet, dry naturally in a dry, warm place. Always be irresistible!


blue, silver, azure

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